Las Galerías are Closed
Las Galerías are Closed
Las Galerías are Closed
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm

Over the course of its history, El Museo del Barrio has published numerous exhibition catalogues and brochures in keeping with the institution’s commitment to education and the promotion of Latino arts and culture. These publications are important scholarly resources that in many cases represent the first, and in some instances, the only existing references on particular artists and/or subjects. Featuring illustrations and texts by artists, scholars, museum professionals, and other experts, these publications reflect El Museo del Barrio’s rich exhibition history, as well as its long-standing role as a leader in the Latino cultural field. Full text digital reproductions of these historical publications are available for open access to the public via the links below.

La herencia artística de Puerto Rico, 1973

Art as Survival, 1974

A Photo Essay: precolombiana hasta 1940, 1975

La Galeria II: Photography, 1975

La Galeria II: 9 Puerto Rican Artists, 1975

Confrontacíon: ambiente y espacio, 1977

Bridge Between Islands, 1978-1979

Images of Panama: Portobello II, 1980

"con su permiso...," 1980

Fox and Intervale, 1980

Untitled / Anonymous, 1980

Carteles de Navidad, 1980

The Graphic Work of José Rosa, 1981

The Golden Age of Spain, 1981

Marcos Dimas, 1981

Los Tainos: A Visual Tradition, 1982

Myrna Báez: diez años de gráfica y pintura, 1982

Rafael Colón Morales: Paintings, 1972-1982, 1982

The New East Wing & Recent Acquisitions, 1982

Eloy Blanco: Faces and Figures, 1983

Posters for Films 1950-1979 (DIVEDCO), 1987

Rafael Montañez Ortiz: Years of the Warrior, Years of the Psyche, 1960-1988, 1988

¡Folklore! Traditional Crafts from Cuba, The Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico Made in New York, 1988

Taller Alma Boricua, 1969-1989, 1990

Pepón Osorio: Con 'to los hierros, 1991

La Casa de Todos Nosotros: Antonio Martorell y Sus Amigos, 1992

25th Anniversary Exhibition: Part 1 - Reclaiming History, 1994

25th Anniversary Exhibition: Part 2 - Recovering Popular Culture, 1994

25th Anniversary Exhibition: Part 3 - Reaffirming Spirituality, 1995

Carmen Herrera: The Black and White Paintings, 1951-1989, 1998

O Fio Da Trama: Contemporary Brazilian Art, 2001

Voces y Visiones: Highlights from El Museo del Barrio's Permanent Collection (Volume 1), 2003

Félix González-Torres: Early Impressions, 2006

Caribbean: Crossroads of the World, 2012

¡Presente!: The Young Lords in New York, 2015

Nkame: Belkis Ayón, 2017

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