Las Galerías are Closed
Las Galerías are Closed
Las Galerías are Closed
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm

Dia de los Muertos: Afterlife Fiesta
Tuesday, October 24 | 7:30pm - 11:00pm
El Museo del Barrio

Let’s get together at El Museo del Barrio for a fabulous Dia de los Muertos fundraising bash where timeless traditions cozy up with contemporary culture. This unique evening will lovingly highlight the vibrant tapestry of identities – queer, Afro-diasporic, and Indigenous – that make our community so special.

Dive into the beautiful tradition of altar creation with the lively QTBIPOC Artist Colectiva AMMOR. It’s the perfect moment to reflect on our collective journey and truly soak in the present. And when the stars come out, let the rhythmic beats of Las Mariquitas, an awesome live band, and vinyl DJ set by Barrio Collective, lift your mood high.

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the exquisite handcrafted Maestro Dobel tequila and a specially selected range of wines by RGNY. Each sip is a toast to our wonderful and diverse community.

Our Dia de los Muertos isn’t just a party; it’s a warm tribute to life, memories, and the beautiful blend of cultures that define us all. Come be a part of this sincere and joyful celebration, and support the amazing mission of El Museo del Barrio. See you there in the spirit of celebration and remembrance!


Image of Las Mariquitas


Las Mariquitas are a New York-based Queer and Trans-centered salsa band and collective. The band’s Mobey Lola Irizarry, Kneeco Hanton and Luca Diaz are changing the narrative of this genre of music and challenging misogyny, transphobia and queerphobia. Las Mariquitas assert and insert themselves with joy, resistance and new form liberations welcoming us into a safe space to express our authentic selves, love wholly and dance freely.

Image of Colectiva Amor


AMMOR is an artist collective and a connection point for queer immigrants, trans individuals, Black, Indigenous, and people of color, as well as displaced communities from Bushwick. Their work revolves around love and the restructuring of the local labor economy. First and foremost, self-love, which allows them to love others and convey hope.
Image for Barrio Colective


A diverse group of artists creating space for like-minded people gathering around art, music, and other creative practices in the Barrio, a place that reminds them (and us) of home. They aspire to be a welcoming platform for artists new to New York who have yet to find their place within a creative community. Their mission is to create inclusive spaces for all of our friends, spaces where they can thrive and feel safe and protected by the community.
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