Las Galerías are Closed
Las Galerías are Closed
Las Galerías are Closed
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm
Las Galerías are Open | 11am – 5pm

Estévez asks El Museo’s staff and all of those who make up this iconic cultural enclave, including artists who have exhibited, talked,performed or worked with the organization, plus former employees, to submit selfies and to answer one or two questions about personal matters as well as their relationship with El Museo. The materials submitted are organized as an online album, pointing to the concept of the workplace as an extended household, always growing. 

Estévez also invites everyone participating in this action to contemplate the possibility of imagining the unforeseen connections that may link us to each other beyond our professional roles as artists, curators, educators, installers, operations employees, and managers. “En Familia: El Museo as Genealogy” is a continuation of the work the artist has been engaged in for a decade around art as a social exchange. 

A Component of “Office Hours (OH),” a project by Nicolás Dumit Estévez in collaboration with El Museo del Barrio’s staff, artists and audiences.

I like playing games like Balderdash, Celebrity and Pictionary, and thinking of ways to connect El Museo to our friends, neighbors and visitors.

I love anything to do with my mind, including reading, moving, and viewing art, and being surrounded by so many positive and empowering people.

At El Museo, I get the chance of meeting people from many different parts of the world! It’s fun to interact with them and hear what they have to say.

I make sure the areas in the staff working space and the theater are thoroughly taken care of for the events given, plus for our guests who come by to visit the Museum.

The sense of community among the staff and Super Sabados!

I am interested in books and tattoos. I love to read because I get ideas for poems and short stories. I love tattoos because you wear your personal philosophies on your body.

I am in love with life, and enjoy going to the gym, movies, and travelling! Doing what you like is freedom, enjoying what you do is happiness.

My job is to raise the funding essential for El Museo’s critically acclaimed exhibitions and free education and family programs. What’s cooler than this!?

Born and raised in Sweden of Chilean heritage, I have a huge passion for dance, art and travel. I love helping El Museo reaching a greater audience.

I love spending time with family, and reading, even writing my own stories. I wish to leave a legacy behind to help lessen the gap for underprivileged youths.

I love the people of El Museo! We share a passion and dedication to move this institution and community forward, who support and nurture us.

Obsessed with laughing. Traveler at heart. Addicted to sunflower seeds.

I love the team at El Museo! I learn new things from everyone and am inspired by them every day. My interest in Haitian art comes from the Caribbean exhibit we hosted.

I like helping those in need and co-founded a charity Bronx’s Angels. At El Museo I get to interact with artists and people in the community that are vibrant and full of culture.

We’re trendsetters, that’s what I like the best about El Museo.

In addition to cooking with friends, and planning weekend excursions, I love collaborating to create a space where people can make connections to the world through art.

I love art, travel, fashion, film, nature, exploring all that NYC has to offer! Working here is a “job” that doesn’t feel like a “job.” My colleagues are the absolute best!

A ‘geek’ at heart, I like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and Star Trek, as well as food and wine tasting.

In a nutshell, I’m obsessed with all things audio!

The thing I like best about my job at el museo is knowing that I am contributing to history. Our neighborhoods, our museum, our work. Que viva el barrio!

I love adventure, travel, coffee, soccer, and old-school salsa. Each day, I apply my love for government, community, and the arts, all in one place! Who says you can’t have it all!

As a kid, stories told by my grandmothers were mystical; as I was older I’d paint, draw, animate, and write to solve them. As an adult, I honor, share and explore living histories at El Museo.

I love working at El Museo! Get to work with numbers, which I’m passionate about. Always someone with a helping hand.

We bring the essence of the museum to El Barrio, to the community with Latino art, and art education. We work together like a family, as a Latino family, that is El Museo!

I love cooking, listening to music, reading, and spending family time with my loved ones. And I love mi gente from El Museo del Barrio!

A child of the seas, I enjoy swimming, sailing, and scuba diving. When I’m not practicing or teaching yoga, I am inspired by the experiences we create and the people we come in contact with.

If I’m not traveling or bargain hunting at the thrift store, you can find me pan-searing rib eyes in the kitchen or starting sing-alongs to deep 90’s R&B cuts. I love interning at El Museo!

Committed to making a Positive impact through live performance and community activism, I love that El Museo is committed to cultivating healing conversations on race and culture through the arts.

I’m interested in exploring ways in which people can express themselves, remember, tell stories, support and celebrate each other. And I suffer from unstoppable laugh attacks.

Working at El Museo allows me to always keep the politics of struggle for liberation and justice at the center of the way we make art, see art and live art.

With El Museo, I have the opportunity to work with amazing students in Jackson Heights, and am reminded of the many ways the arts serve as a conduit for self-expression.

I bike around for fun. I like El Museo because it’s welcoming.

At El Museo I get to do what I enjoy, work with numbers. At the same time I’m exposed to amazing experiences within Latin American Culture.

I like working hands on and “face-to-face” with artwork. I get to see the art up close because that’s my job!

I enjoy technology, bike riding, Lego’s, and amateur radio that allows me to talk to people around the world. This is a great place to work, we support the community in the Arts and Education.

Here at El Museo I am interning with the development office, specifically special events and membership.

Everyone at El Museo welcomed me right into the family! This is a great community.

I like working at El Museo because it provides a space for the Latino community to share stories and create meaningful connections.

I love to be pushed to think creatively and to work, not only as a team, but as a family!

I love using different mediums to tell stories in new, creative ways. At work, I have to find the best way to tell El Museo’s story in order to engage with the community.

I love to draw, design, and visit galleries. El Museo gives me the chance to remain connected to my culture, which I feel tends to be neglected.

Because of my passion for Latin American art, I love that we forge so many connections and give the community, the City and beyond a way to become immersed in Latino culture.

I like movies and long walks on the streets. I love El Museo because of the people, neighborhood, and food.

I like movies and long walks on the beach.

I am a strong advocate for a better understanding of the diversity and complexity of Latin America. No stereotypes or generalizations will be tolerated.

I absolutely love being able to connect creatively and directly with the community that molded me. El Museo holds a sacred place in my heart.

I create, live and love in El Barrio, wrote “When it was Puerto Rican” in 2011, and was Madrina de los Reyes in 2013.

I loved being a Spanglish speaker at El Museo. Every day there was a sense of working towards a greater good and a genuine desire to understand the US as a whole.

El Museo feels like an embassy to me. El Museo is like a land, a Consulate for Latinos. Our land. I feel comfortable, respected, and like I belong there.

I am drawn to forgotten stories, particularly those of Austronesia, Asian/Americas, family, intimacy and diaspora. Lately, I tell them through perfumes.

I am in love with dance, riding my bike in the Bronx, and being the artistic director of BAAD! The good spirits of the people at El Museo are greatly appreciated!

I am a writer and poet in the process of publishing a collection of different writings about being gay in the diaspora and finishing a memoir about growing up gay in the Dominican Republic.

I liked performing as part of Fulana with Guillermo Gómez-Peña in an intergenerational Latino/a mashup for a diverse and energetic audience. ¡Tercer impacto LIVE!

I like boxing and literature. I’ve seen this institution grow for 35 years and it is a part of my life.

The Self-Portrait Flight was my first official amateur fight. Fighting has since become part of my life. Fighting is the purest art form I’ve ever experienced.

I recently learned to weave and have been spending time learning about fibers. I love working at El Museo because I’m inspired by something new every day!

Eternally curious. Lover of travel, fashion, art, and philanthropy. Love being able to connect individuals to El Museo and its vibrant community.

El Museo has always been at the forefront of important art conversations happening in the world, and I continue to visit in search of inspiration and community engagement.

My eternal gratitude to Elia Alba, Nicolás Dumit Estévez and Wanda Ortíz for insisting on having my critical approach on their catalogue entries and to Deborah Cullen for commissioning them.

Working on “Isla del Espanto.”

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