This exhibition features new acquisitions from El Museo’s collection, none of which have been previously exhibited. New to You looks at a broad scope of works from the collection through the lens of fantasy and an exploration of the relationship between forms and contexts. Odd figures, strange creatures, unknowable landscapes and unusual points of view abound. Portraits are partly rendered or shown from an odd perspective, bodies become one with their backdrops or seem overwhelmed by their surroundings, and mysterious animals proliferate. Among a Thousand Treasures illustrates how objects selected from El Museo’s collection also participate in the creation of a visual feast that parallels the unusual, symbolic, subconscious and extravagant narratives celebrated in the literary history of the hemisphere. Pre-Columbian myths, surrealist tales, oral histories and the works of writers and poets all become important references for the interpretation of these works. Artists included in the exhibition are Julio Alpuy, Alberto Borea, Roberto Burle Marx, Catalina Chervin, Lissie Habié, Domingo Garcia, Hector Mendez-Caratini, Miguel Ocampo, Jose Clemente Orozco, Carlos Osorio, Cecilia Paredes, César Paternosto, Liliana Porter, Raquel Rabinovich, Miguel Río Branco, and German Tagle.