FEARLESS LATIN/X AMÉRICA: SIDA+VIOLENCIA+ACCIÓN is organized by Visual AIDS & Residency Unlimited’s 2017 Curatorial Resident Eugenio Echeverría at El Museo del Barrio.

FEARLESS LATIN/X AMÉRICA: SIDA+VIOLENCIA+ACCIÓN will be on display on the People’s Wall at the entrance to El Museo del Barrio’s exhibition galleries April 29 through June 11, highlighting narratives relating to HIV/AIDS and Latinx América. FEARLESS LATINX AMÉRICA will feature dissident narratives from Chile, Cuba, Mexico and the United States, integrating text, artwork, photography and documents. The display will establish a critical chronological analysis considering how HIV/AIDS has been understood by hegemonic structures as a way of affecting traditionally outraged groups, out of a local and global perspective and a postcolonial approach.

Eugenio’s FEARLESS LATIN/X AMÉRICA: SIDA+VIOLENCIA+ACCIÓN presents itself in dialogue with Group Material’s well-known AIDS Timeline, originally displayed in 1989 at the Berkeley University Art Museum and recently reconsidered by former Group Material members Julie Ault and Doug Ashford, published for dOCUMENTA (13).

The range of materials in the FEARLESS LATIN/X AMÉRICA: SIDA+VIOLENCIA+ACCIÓN will include creative responses, public policy facts, reproductions of political speeches by public officials, media publications, scientific publications, statistic data, Latin-American literature, and artwork reproductions. Seeking a critical reading on the evolution of discourses around the culture of HIV/AIDS, the project will focus on three nodes: Identity as it relates to links within community; the institutionalization of systemic violence towards vulnerable communities through public policies, science and media; and dissident narratives correlating United States neocolonialism and the response from Latin-American countries to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

FEARLESS LATIN/X AMÉRICA: SIDA+VIOLENCIA+ACCIÓN is presented by Visual AIDS in collaboration with Residency Unlimited.

Eugenio Echeverría lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico, where he is the founder and director of Border Cultural Center. Since 2006, Border Cultural Center has coordinated over 100 interdisciplinary exhibitions and site-specific interventions. Highlights include QUEER UP! (DYKES, FAGS, WEIRDOS & YOU), a 12 month program of residencies, seminars, exhibitions and more considering LGBTQI identities, in collaboration with Laos Salazar; MULTIVERSO TRANS, a four day conference on trans identities conceptualized in collaboration with artists and trans activists focusing on violence, sex work, access to healthcare, legislative reforms and the autonomy of trans individuals, including LO QUE SE VE NO SE PREGUNTA, the first Mexican exhibition on trans identities, curated with Tania Pomar, Susana Vargas and Laos Salaza; and the upcoming project HACKING THE CITY, fostering discussion on civil disobedience in urban contexts, directed by Edith Medina.