El Museo del Barrio is under construction as of November 6, 2017. Las Galerias (galleries) will be closed
to the public until fall 2018 
and El Teatro (Heckscher Theater) until January 2019.
*Education programs will remain intact at El Museo

LAS GALERIAS (Galleries)

El Museo del Barrio’s exhibition galleries will undergo renovations and receive an upgrade to the mechanical and control systems, including heating, air-conditioning, and humidification. Upgrades will also include a new building management system, and a new glass vestibule for entry into the galleries.

These updates enable El Museo to stabilize its climate in the Galleries and accommodate for works of art that are temperature sensitive.

EL TEATRO (Heckscher Theater)
El Teatro, the historic 564-seat theater located at the Museum will also undergo a major restoration and modernization. The renovations include restoration of the theater’s historic fabric, modernization of theater elements, introduction of a new orchestra pit mechanized lift, a new loading berth and material lift, updated lighting, mechanical changes, new acoustical treatments, and extensive audio-visual work. In addition, the landmark hand-painted murals will be cleaned, repaired and in-painted, where pigment loss has occurred. Once the restoration of the murals is complete, new dedicated lighting will be installed to properly illuminate the paintings. For more info on El Teatro, click here.

Upgrades to El Teatro will enable the Museum to improve the theater experience and host many more events that have advanced technical needs. In addition, the restoration of the paintings is an important effort in conserving the landmark murals.