Enjoy a rotating selection of shorts curated by the New York Latino Film Festival Senior Programmer Dominic Colon. For more film content produced by Latinx fimmakers for Latinx, visit their YouTube channel.

A charming tale about a teen who is given a very special tuxedo to wear to a big dance.

Emily, rising starlet, interviews her director’s maid Pepa, but when the questions get personal, the line gets erased between telenovela and real life.

Two former lovers, Charlie and Ilene, reconnect over drinks after breaking up six years ago. They explore the reasons that their secret relationship failed, while trying to decide whether or not to rekindle their dysfunctional romance.

Unemployed artist Nina is at her breaking point in her noisy Bronx neighborhood. She is too intimidated to step to Mateo, her young, thuggish neighbor and source of the noise. They finally have a confrontation that forces them to examine how to navigate the space they both occupy.

A short film about the Director’s father and his love of music.

Skinny Betty might just as well not exist given the lack of attention she gets from men, including her boyfriend Carlos. When Betty arrives at the homegrown ‘clinica’ in Maria Dolores’ living room in the Bronx, she has no idea how much impact a little ‘work’ will have on her life.

A profile on a community garden in Harlem.

As a man prepares to shoot himself he notices another man about to jump off the building and intervenes.