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cafeWe are a truly Mexican and Latin American casual dining cuisine that aims to enhance people’s gastronomic experiences by complementing them with a celebration of Latin American art. We open our doors with welcoming arms to invite everyone to get to know and appreciate the strength and authenticity that derives from our multicultural society.

New York City has been since its early beginnings a promised land for those who dare to work hard enough to accomplish their dreams. Considered a beacon of diversity and hope, it has been the breeding ground for Latin American art and culture to take root and evolve. It is then no wonder that Side Park Cafe would be born here. Envisioned and conceived by a group of people full of the immigrant spirit that this amazing city harbors and celebrates.

It bears its name due to its location right next to the most iconic park in the city, Central Park. The Side Park Cafe team is comprised by food and beverage aficionados with an untamed entrepreneurial spirit striving to create and replicate over and over again the exquisite experience behind our product. We are a group of thrill seekers that understand there is more to eating and drinking than our mere sustenance and survival. You can expect to be welcomed and overwhelmed by our warm, professional, and friendly service, exceptional quality in every dish and beverage, and great company surrounded by an artistic environment that thrives in the expression of art.

We unite our efforts with those of El Museo del Barrio of presenting and preserving the art and culture of all Latin Americans in the United States of America. Due to our passion for service, we are committed to actively enhance through our gastronomic creations the experience the museum’s patrons and our guests have through social gatherings and celebrations where your taste buds take command.


Monday – Sunday 8am – 11pm


It is said that our earliest memories are centered around food. Such is the case of our executive chef, Jorge Galicia. Jorge is native from Mexico City. Being born into a city with one of the biggest gastronomic legacies in the world, he knew at a young age where his vocation and fate would lead him in his career.

The youngest son of a family of five siblings, Jorge was a young kid when his mother started instilling a love for cooking. She would take him to the market to get fresh produce and allow him to help her with the preparation of several Mexican dishes. He would also help his uncle in their family run bakery. This led Jorge to continue his gastronomic formation by first attending culinary school in Mexico and working there for several years until he decided to move to New York City. It was at the Big Apple where his unquenchable thirst for learning the art behind cooking allowed him to absorb and perfect a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of international gourmet cuisine. Formerly employed at Restaurant Association on Wall Street, Reebok Sports Club NY, Fonda Restaurant, and City Grill in the Upper West Side, among other restaurants, Jorge went on to open La Condesa in 2012. This is where he was able to create from scratch an authentic Mexican cuisine venue located in Washington Heights, New York. He has garnered 20 years of experience delighting people’s palates with every business venture he has started throughout his career.


With open views overlooking Central Park’s Conservatory Garden, Side Park Café’s multi-functional room is ideal for your next celebration. From catered events, and lectures, to small screenings, and wedding receptions, Side Park Café is equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual capabilities.

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