LIP/Comunilife: Life is Precious, in collaboration with Calpulli Mexican Dance Company.

Mujer Bonita (Pretty Woman), Choreography by Grisel Pren Monje.
Song: La Zandunga

Each participant was given the opportunity to experiment with different types of movements, while they collaborated with the Teaching Artist, Grisel Pren Monje, to create the choreography. Grisel encouraged them to act on their intuition by basing their movements or steps on the emotions that the melody of the music evoked on them.

The performance piece was a way to expose the scholars to Latin culture and Mexican folklore, through a fusion of contemporary movements and some full dancing skirt work.

Partner/En colaboración con: LIP: Comunilife, Life is Precious in collaboration with Calpulli, Mexican Dance Company.

Participants/Participantes: C. Amanda, C. Ami, L. Seabreeze and R. Kasey.

Educators/Educadores: Grisel Pren Monje, Calpulli, Mexican Dance Company. Michelle Bialeck, LIP: Comunilife, Life is Precious.