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LENS VIVANT By Erika Harrsch

LENS-VIVANT, a Living-Installation-Concerto, created and directed by Erika Harrsch. In collaboration with singer Magos Herrera and cellist Jeff Zeigler, featuring the ©ErikaHarrsch-LEDCello.

Erika Harrsch creates a multilevel artistic expression, an interdisciplinary collage for stage with video, sounds, sculptural elements and costumes, lights, actors, music and performance. This visual and sound narrative, inspired by the films of Gabriel Figueroa, conveys contemporary Mexican and Universal life concerns, as an attempt to revert consequences and achieve what is essential to a heightened human experience.

“As a multimedia artist, I am interested in creating a new paradigm of living installation-performance where the audience is not separated from the performer or the artwork. Interactive elements and participating audiences are important for my installations, where the viewer integrates to perceive the art piece as an experience, as a space for reflection, commentary, participation and active creation. I try to explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary artistic expressions, as in Lens Vivant, with the ErikaHarrschLEDCello, an instrument that speaks with a new voice, using multiple languages, music, video and interface by combining classic sources with cutting edge technologies. It is a living sculptural element, which commands a role on stage as a source of sound, light and image. The videos and animated paintings are elaborately conceived and layered with drawings, paintings, photography, videos and animations, all fused in a single innovative artistic vision.” -Erika Harrsch

Born in Mexico City, Erika Harrsch has lived and worked in Mexico, Italy, Germany, Brazil and since 2001 in New York. Her multidisciplinary art practice employs resources that include drawing, painting, photography, video, animation and installations as a scenario building based on elements in both artificial and natural environments. Presenting intimate aspects of the human condition, inviting the viewer to evidence their direct contact with reality through the sense perception.

Harrsch has participated in several Art Biennials including: Fokus-Lodz Biennale, Poland 2010; Beijing-798 Biennale, China 2009; and the 5th International Media-Art Biennale-Media City Seoul; Korea 2008, Monterrey, Mexico FEMSA-Biennial. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at galleries and museums in Mexico, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Korea, China, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, UK, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey and Syria. Presented in museums such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, Aldrich Museum of Art, Bellevue Arts Museum, WA, the Göteborg Konstmuseum in Sweden, the Museé de la Photographie in Belgium, the Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea, The Nevada Museum of Art and Museo del Barrio, among others.

For the last eight years, her multidisciplinary practice has been enriched by extensive collaborations with musicians including Philip Glass, Jeffrey Ziegler from the Kronos Quartet, Claire Chase from ICE ensemble, among others. Recently Harrsch invented the ©Erika Harrsch-LEDCello, first of a kind electric cello with LED-panels; merging visuals, sounds and interface. This sculpture-instrument was premiered at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts with her visual concerto, Room 35, in collaboration with composer Paola Prestini and cellist Maya Beiser.

In April 2015 Harrsch will have an individual exhibition at The Nevada Museum of Art with two of her most distinctive projects; The United States of North America passport, which is a participatory installation that envisions a North American continent without borders. Together with Eros-Thanatos, a video installation that recreates the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary in Mexico. Both interactive projects, internationally exhibited are a linked reference to migration, transformation and adaptability. Her projects have the quality to touch in an experiential and ludic way, critical matters with social, political and environmental contents.

VIDEO – LENS VIVANT By Erika Harrsch


Creative Direction, Artistic Lead and Visual Content – Erika Harrsch; Singer – Magos Herrera; Lens Vivant Dress, Created and Hand Painted Dress by Erika Harrsch, adapted to Magos Herrera design; Cellist – Jeff Zeigler, featuring the ©ErikaHarrsch-LEDCello.; Stage Direction – Michael McQuilken; Performing Artist – Laura Lona; Performing Actor – Daniel Irizarry; Projection Designer – Paul Lieber; Light Designer – Maruti Evans; Sound Designer – Sascha von Oertzen; Motion graphics Artist – Chang Kim; Sound Artist – Alex Zisis; Hair Stylist – Lau Gallico; Editor – Paul Lieber; Script – Erika Harrsch, based on Gabriel Figueroa Films; Video adaptations – Paul Lieber and Erika Harrsch from Gabriel Figueroa films; Macario,; Rio Escondido, El Fugitivo, El Rebozo de la Soledad, Enamorada, Salón Mexico.; Producer – Erika Harrsch

Lens Vivant Soundtrack by Alex Zisis and Erika Harrsch, sound adaptations from Gabriel Figueroa films; La Llorona – popular folk Mexican Song; La Malagueña, by Elpidio Ramírez and Pedro Galindo; Improvisations over Danzón; Arrangements by Magos Herrera y Jeff Zeigler.

Lens Vivant by Erika Harrsch / Will O’Hare Photography