Explore the many ways to learn with us! El Museo del Barrio’s Education Programs offer people of all ages multiple entry points to El Museo’s mission and history, permanent collection, exhibitions, and cultural celebrations. We seek to foster a space for individual and collective sharing and understanding through inquiry and dialogue. Participants have the opportunity to consider the experiences of people from Puerto Rico, Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States in a meaningful way by learning about these regions’ diverse histories, cultures, and our relationships to them. El Museo’s Education Programs are at the core of The Curious Life, our educational initiative, and are aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards. Check out our programs below!

The Curious Life
The Curious Life is El Museo’s educational initiative that aims at restoring and exercising student inquisitiveness and curiosity in general through philosophical methods as well as reflective and critical thinking. While The Curious Life begins with visual and cultural phenomena as experienced in guided visits and cultural celebrations, its broader pedagogical value lies in that the skills acquired through its programs (curiosity, inquisitiveness, close observation, fruitful discussions and questioning, etc.) are transferrable to other disciplines across school curriculum. The general goal of the initiative is thus to provide them with creative and critical skills, which may enrich their development as individuals and enhance their potential for success in academic performance.