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In conjunction with the exhibition, The Illusive Eye, El Museo del Barrio is proud to announce its partnership with renowned artist-jeweler, Chus Burés, who will be presenting limited edition pieces produced in collaboration with artists in the exhibition. Carlos Cruz-Diez, Carmen Herrera, Julio Le Parc, Luis Tomasello, Jesus Rafael Soto, and others are included.

For its new exhibition on Op and kinetic art, The Illusive Eye, El Museo del Barrio announces an exciting collaboration with master artist Carlos Cruz-Diez (b. 1923, Caracas, Venezuela). Carlos Cruz-Diez has created a unique design for the poster specifically announcing the exhibition. Cruz-Diez was part of the original group of artists included in the 1965 Museum of Modern Art exhibition The Responsive Eye. El Museo’s The Illusive Eye is a reconsideration of the MoMA exhibition with a purposeful inclusion of more significant number of artists from the rest of the Americas. As one of the original participants, Cruz-Diez’s role in this version is momentous.


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ART-TO-WEAR: M-25-R, 2010, Necklace/Sculpture, Silver, mirror finish, signed limited edition of 8, Photo: © Juan Merinero | Icare, 1967-2013 Earrings, Gold-plated silver, signed limited edition of 16, Photo: © 10H10 | Encuentros para plata dorada, 2012, Brooch/Pendant Gold-plated matt silver, signed limited edition of 6, Photo: © Jean-Louis Losi | Physichromie pour bracelet, 2012, Bracelet Silver, gold-plated silver and acrylic, signed limited edition of 12.