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Comunilife: Life is Precious

Precious Places | Lugares valiosos

Sculpture | Escultura

In this continued partnership with Comunilife’s- Life is Precious Program, Young Latina women from the Bronx gather to use art as a medium for self expression, collaboration, and celebration. Students and educators gathered together to create art using a variety of materials with the purpose of sharing our stories, practicing active listening, honoring each other’s gifts, and celebrating the talents we each bring to our community.

Together participants imagined what it would be like to have a space that could be exactly as they desired it. Participants began by writing about these spaces, and through this process experienced both the beauty of the place and the power of our imagination. These spaces represent our strength, our beauty, our resilience, our hopes, our community, and the power of our voice!

We invite you to be part of them.

En esta continuada colaboración con Comunilife- Programa la vida es valiosa, jóvenes mujeres latinas del Bronx, se reúnen para usar el arte como un medio de autoexpresión, colaboración y celebración. Estudiantes y educadores se reunieron para crear arte usando una variedad de materiales con el propósito de compartir nuestras historias, practicando el escuchar, honrando los presentes de los demás y celebrando los talentos que aportamos a nuestra comunidad.

Los participantes reunidos imaginaron lo que sería tener un espacio que fuera exactamente como desearan. Los participantes empezaron escribiendo sobre esos espacios y a través de ese proceso experimentaron la belleza del lugar y el poder de nuestra imaginación. Estos espacios representan nuestra fuerza, nuestra belleza, nuestra resistencia, nuestras esperanzas, nuestra comunidad y el poder de nuestra voz.

Les invitamos a formar parte.

Partner/En colaboración con: Comunilife: Life is Precious

Participants/Participantes: S. Ávila; N. Bautista; L. Bravo; S; Bravo; S. Bueno; A. Colon; Z. Corona; D. Cruz; N. De Jesús; M. De La Iglesia, S. Hernandez; J. Marrero; K. Medinas; A. Montilla; K. Morales; K. Olaya; A. Robles; A. Rodriguez; C. Rowser; K. Taveras; D; Torres; M.C. Vasquez.

Educators/Educadores: Laura Betancur, El Museo del Barrio

See our partnership with Comunilife in action!

Comunilife: Life is Precious in partnership with El Museo del Barrio’s 
Making Connections program, 2014-2015

Comunilife: Life is Precious in partnership with El Museo del Barrio’s 
Making Connections program, 2013-2014

El Taller de Expresión at PS 72: The Lexington Academy

El Taller de Expresión is a space focused on respect, diversity, and support for parents at PS 72. Parents and El Museo educators use art-making, poetry, music, and conversation to share our stories, space, and goals.


PARCEO is a Participatory Action Research Center that provides training and resources to community-based groups and the institutions and individuals that work with them towards social justice. El Museo and PARCEO work together to host and facilitate trainings and seminars for East Harlem and the larger PARCEO community.


El Museo works closely with Community District 4 to support education initiatives at all levels.

District 4 Learning Expo

Every year, El Museo is proud to celebrate East Harlem’s young visual and performing artists by hosting the District 4 Learning Expo. Check back for the date of this year’s learning expo.

Learning Through Art: Programs for D4 Parents

In the Fall and Spring of the school year, El Museo staff provides workshops for East Harlem parents on helping their children use the museum as a resource for developing the critical thinking skills needed for the common core. For information and fun family resources developed for last year’s workshops, please visit our Families page.


Information coming soon!