CASA, an acronym for Cultural After School Adventures, is a unique partnership program between a cultural institution and a New York City public school. This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the New York City Council.

CASA’s funding supports El Museo’s extensive, bilingual, culturally relevant artist-in-residency partnerships (15-30 sessions, 2-3 hours each), which complements and enriches the out-of-school needs of our partnering institutions. The CASA partnerships are designed to support and enhance the school’s entire learning community, including parents, teachers, and students. El Museo will use the funding for art-making materials, teaching artists, visits to El Museo for the entire school, and the installation of the art created by students in El Museo’s Cuentame Gallery and on the walls of the participating schools.

The program will offer students time to deeply explore multiple projects and acquire unconventional/alternative materials allowing our two especially selected and bilingual artist-educators to create an original curriculum that fosters the creation of extraordinary art works by the youth participants. As opposed to other institutions our curriculum is not fixed, but designed based on conversations with the classroom teachers and taking into consideration the community around the school, exposing the students —in many cases for the first time— to the richness of Latin-American art and culture and the city’s cultural diversity.

Hands-on workshops are held primarily at the partnering school with visits to El Museo del Barrio. During said visit participants have a significant and unique artistic and cultural experience with programs such as Around the Block (ATB) Program. In our ATB program students have a guided tour through the streets of El Barrio and learn about the Latino history in NYC, experiencing first-hand the vibrant essence and Latino culture of Spanish Harlem. Visits to Los Talleres (art studios) are also an essential part of the visit. The projects created from these partnerships are part of El Museo’s Annual Youth Art Exhibition which kicks-off in May and empowers participants by presenting their artwork at a museum and having the opportunity to share it with others. The fund will also cover visits to El Museo and its Talleres to the entire school. 

This year, we partnered with:

PS 307Q Pioneer Academy

My Community Mural
After looking at and discussing The Spirit of East Harlem by Hank Prussing, 2nd graders from P.S. 307 Q Pionner Academy in Corona, Queens worked together to create a “Mural” inspired by their community. Each student thought about what made their neighborhood special to them and added a drawing to the piece based on their choice. After finishing their overall sketch, the scholars worked as a team to add color and details. The paintings on each panel were done collaboratively as a group, sometimes by painting our own drawings and other times by helping other artists with theirs. Among the elements of their community that inspired them were The Queens library, the express 7 train, P.S. 307, the school playground, their families and their pets.

Partner/En Ccolaboración con: PS 307Q Pioneer Academy

Participants/Participantes: A. Abreu, J. Tenesaca, E. Solano, C. Guartacho, C. Vanegas, W. Carchipulla, J. Jimenez, J. Luna, J. Rios, A. Ramirez, G. Sieri, K. Moreno, C. Bemal, A. Francisco, A. Mendez, S. Mateo, J. Pastiuzaca, E. Reynoso, K. Mateo, A. Campos, E. Criollo, E. Gonzalez, M. Galicia, E. Velazquez, J. Campos

Educators/Educadores: Amalia Guajardo-Fajardo & Manuela Gonzalez, El Museo, Natasha Rojas, P.S. 307 Q Pionner Academy

PS 89Q Elmhurst

Becoming Your Own Hero
During a five weeks partnership, third and fourth graders from P.S. 89 Q Elmhurst explored the diversity and strength in their community through art-making techniques such as: collage, watercolor painting, design and printmaking. Aligned with the school’s theme of “Leadership”, students created a super hero/shero character that may serve as an example in their community. Together, they designed and created all capes and shields, along with the collages.

Partner/En colaboración con: P.S. 89 Q Elmhurst

Participants/Participantes: M. David, N. Melissa, U. Genesis, N. Tenzin, F. jayden, M. Mikayla, G. Tatiana, P. Paulo, A. Katerin, B. Mateo, P. Jazlene, M. Yeilyn, J. Haryn, P. Vannia, W. Joanna, K. Sneha, L. Amisha, J. Seleny, O. Danna, G. Aliha, L. Jennifer; F. Osvaldo, R. Camilo, A. Diego, E. Jennifer, G. Citaly, A. Danna, C. Emeli, Y. Tsering, E. Josselyn, S. Galo, V. Joshua, V. Tiffany, C. Endy, N. Diana, O. Juan, E. Lexine, D. Kate, C. Evelín, G. Sofia, L. Stephanie, V. Evelyn

Educators/Educadores: Sol Aramendi, El Museo del Barrio, Edwin Gonzalez, El Museo del Barrio, Blanca Carranza, P.S. 89 Q Elmhurst Third Grade, Wendy Cohen, P.S. 89 Q Elmhurst Fourth Grade