Maria de los Angeles is a New York City based artist, from Mexico. When she was eleven, Maria and her family immigrated to the United States deeply affecting and shaping her perspective on the world, her self-identity and artistic focus. Maria’s work focuses on issues of migration, displacement, identity and otherness. She received her MFA in painting and printmaking from Yale University School of Art (2015), a BFA in painting from Pratt institute (2013), and an associate’s degree in painting from Santa Rosa Junior College. Maria has been recognize for the work she has done creating arts programs for youth, receiving the Community Action Partnership’s award, and the Blair Dickinson Memorial Prize, awarded for her artwork and role in her community.

On-site Live in Las Galerías from September 28, 2016- January 6, 2017

My current work is an investigation of identity and citizenship that attempts to go beyond my own experience. My objective is to get closer to other people’s experiences of migration and assimilation in a new homeland. I will be interviewing people from places I visit, including the community near El Museo. My goal resides in documenting various family migration stories, searching for new angles of perception on citizenship and the definition of the American dream.


During my time researching, I will sketch and interview people, then bring my work into the museum to create narratives from their stories, followed by making garments that have those stories collaged into a type of embroidery and pattern. Watercolors cut into oval shapes will be made into a pattern that speaks of textiles on the walls of the space. The garments will be displayed installation-style; they will be viewable in different ways, and on the garments stories will live that bring forward thoughts and experiences of migration and community. While I am there, visitors are welcome to try accessories that I will make, such as the paper crowns or even take a closer look at the garments.

The interviews I make will be voice recorded and the visitors will be allowed to listen to them and visually follow the narrative of the garments while I work on the watercolor.


I am interested in teaching a paper crown workshop where participants will be invited to use collage, drawing and narrative stories in the creation of paper crowns. Each person will be asked to write five sentences that describe a memory that is important to their biography. They will describe a social moment or a place, after each sentence they will sketch a visual representation or provide a set of symbols. After the sentences are transmuted, we will trace them into a stronger paper and use mixed media in order to bring to life the images and the paper crown. This will be an exercise in identity and narrative that will show each participant’s personal expression.

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